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[Wikipedia] April 18: Joseph Priestley House

The Joseph Priestley House was the American home of 18th-century
British theologian, Dissenting clergyman, natural philosopher,
educator, and political theorist Joseph Priestley from 1798 until his
death in 1804. Located in Northumberland, Pennsylvania, the house,
which was designed by Priestley's wife Mary, is Georgian with
Federalist accents. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
has operated it as a museum dedicated to Joseph Priestley since 1970,
but may close it by July 2009 due to low visitation and budget cuts.
Fleeing religious persecution and political turmoil in Britain, the
Priestleys emigrated to the United States in 1794 seeking a peaceful
life. Hoping to avoid the political troubles that had plagued them in
Britain and the problems of urban life they saw in the United States,
the Priestleys built a house in rural Pennsylvania; nevertheless,
political disputes and family troubles dogged Priestley during the last
ten years of his life. In 1960s, the house was carefully restored by
the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and designated a
National Historic Landmark. A second renovation was undertaken in the
1990s to return the home to the way it looked during Priestley's time.

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Today's selected anniversaries:


Bolesław I Chrobry became the first King of Poland.


Construction of the current St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, to
replace the old St. Peter's Basilica built in the 4th century, began.


A major earthquake and resulting fires devastated San Francisco,
killing at least 3,000 and leaving more than half of the city's
population homeless.


World War II: Sixteen B-25 Mitchell bombers from the aircraft carrier
USS Hornet carried out the Doolittle Raid, the first Allied attack on
the Japanese home islands.


A suicide bomber destroyed the United States Embassy in Beirut with a
car bomb, killing over 60 people.


Israeli forces shelled Qana, Lebanon during Operation Grapes of Wrath,
killing over 100 civilians and injuring over 110 others at a UN

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